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5 Croatia Travel Tips

Then you arrive on your spectacular holiday and realise you should have brought your sweater, some sunscreen (yes, Croatian weather can be fickle), extra cash… you get the idea. We combed our network of adventure travel operators and asked them for their expert opinions on Croatia. Below are five tips to keep you travelling safe in Croatia and help you avoid the ‘oh no!‘ moment.

1. Consider Public Transport Over Driving in Croatia

The bus system works well as does the train system, and you’ll meet some local friends by taking public transport! But if you are keen to make your own tracks in a rental, be aware of the very Balkan way of driving here. And make sure you know the road rules.

2. Bring Some Aqua Shoes for Coast Walking/Swimming

Maggie Soladay from Salaam Garage comments, “I wish I had known that the coast was rocky and that most beautiful water for swimming is hard to get to. If you jump in you can’t get back out because sea urchins patrol the whole rocky stinging coast. I wish I had taken water shoes, I would have worn them every day.”

3. Be Sun Smart in Croatia

Our own Christy McCarthy from World Nomads says, “The sun can be very strong, so don‘t underestimate it, even under the cloud cover.” No one wants to get sunburned, it can ruin a holiday, so be sun smart. We promise you’ll still get a tan.

4. Save Money, Travel in Shoulder Seasons

Our friends at Lonely Planet advise: Croatia is more expensive in the summer than it is from September to May. Accommodation, boat fares, car rental and anything else relating to tourism skyrockets in summer, reaching a peak in July and August. Speaking of accommodation, in addition to hotels and hostels Croatia has a unique option for visitors, sobe. The rules are a bit different, but they’re a great option.

5. Potential Earthquake Risk in Croatia

The coastal areas of Croatia are prone to small scale earthquakes. In Dubrovnik, buildings in the Old Town area look old and crumbly but in fact the city government has been rigorous in implementing modern reinforcement techniques to stabilize the ancient structures so don‘t worry too much but be prepared if you feel some tremors.

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