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5 Canvas Painting Ideas for Inspiration

You’ve primed your canvas and you’re ready to paint. But what exactly should you paint? Don’t despair if you can’t think of anything because these canvas painting ideas are bound to offer some artistic inspiration. Whether you consider yourself a naturalist, a realist or an abstract painter, canvas is an ideal surface to make your …

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How to Skillfully Use Soft Pastels

While artists have used soft pastels since the 17th century, the medium is a popular choice of many modern artists who like the spontaneity and action of quick painting in full color on paper. There are two types of pastels: oil pastels and soft pastels. Here, we will only cover …

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How to Paint Clouds 5 Ways

Clouds are one of the easiest images to recognize in art, even at the most primary level. But let’s take them beyond amorphous shapes in the sky. This tutorial will strengthen your ability to make some lovely cloud formations and enhancements to your artwork. When you are in the brainstorming …

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Paint a Beautiful Watercolor Seascape

What is more relaxing and energizing at the same time than watching the waves and ripples on the sparkling water? A fresh ocean breeze, fluttering through the skies, fills our souls with joy and inspiration. What You’ll Need 1. A sheet of cold pressed watercolor paper, about 10″ x 14″ in size. …

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