The Best DIY Birthday Cards.

by Elidio Ismenghi

Happy Birthday! The Cutest DIY Birthday Card.

For a special handmade touch, opt to make your next birthday card rather than picking up a generic store-bought card. Your friends and family will surely appreciate the effort and become awestruck by your talent no need to tell them just how easy it was to make. Check out these 25 ideas that range from simple and beautiful to quirky and clever.
Easy Handmade Birthday Cards Using Minimal Supplies
Almost every little boy or girl goes through a Make this cute dino card to celebrate their interest and special day.

Paper Balloon Happy Birthday Card
Craft a birthday card that is beautiful and looks much more complicated to make than it is. Paper dyes help give the lettering and paper balloons a professional edge. This craft project is a card that everyone would appreciate and love to receive.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore sprinkles! Why not add some fun to a birthday card? Paper lollipops are covered with sprinkles and glued onto a matching card. How cute! The inner child in all of us will just love a birthday greeting like this!

DIY Letterboard Birthday Cards
The letterboard design trend is going strong. Make a card using a sentiment that is personalized for the recipient in this cute style. How trendy!
Mini Washi Tape Cards and Envelopes
Washi tape has got to be one of the best inventions ever! Add some cute tape to your greeting card craft, and you will have a beautiful card in an instant! So easy and so much fun! Anyone can get great looking cards and envelopes instantly with washi tape.

Cupcake Birthday Card

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? This origami cupcake birthday card is the perfect way to send good wishes to birthday boys and birthday girls of all ages!
This project is easy enough for a child to complete with minimal adult assistance, so it’s the perfect project if your son or daughter has been invited to a friend’s birthday party and you need a last-minute greeting card.

For this easy origami model, you’ll need one sheet of square origami paper that is 6 inches by 6 inches square. Your paper needs to be colored on one side and white on the other side. The colored side becomes your cupcake liner and the white side becomes the cupcake frosting. Free printable origami paper designs would be appropriate if you find a pattern that you like.

Begin with the white side of your paper face up. Fold your paper in half along one of the diagonals to make a large triangle. Fold the top point of the top layer of paper down as shown in the photo. This fold should be about 1/2 inch from the bottom horizontal edge of the paper.

Make accordion folds by folding the bottom point of the triangle up and then down as shown in the photo. This creates the edge of the frosting on your finished cupcake.

Flip your paper over. Fold the top layer of the paper down to make a small triangle. Fold the left and right sides in towards the center crease as shown. This forms the angled part of your cupcake liner.

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