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UAE Travel Guide

Are you a traveller having UAE on your check list as the next country ? Or for any other purpose? Before you plan your travel it is important to know all about the place and be prepared. UAE is a country which is a must visit, however the country is also not cheap. Dubai is the best state to start your UAE trip.

Dirham is their currency and it is always helpful if you keep some cash ready in hand once you land in any of the UAE states.

1. Man-Made Country

UAE is a place where you cannot see much of nature. Hence, they created the best wonders of man-made buildings and monuments. UAE houses biggest malls in the world, Burj Khalifa being the largest carpet hand looms in the world, biggest luxurious hotels, etc. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are two states in UAE which exhibits the country’s richness. Their buildings and skyscrapers makes your jaw drop.

2. Strict Rules And Conservative

UAE follow very strict rules when it comes to about public behavior. Remember that you are not in the US or any other free democratic countries where kissing in public, drinking alcohol are not against law and normal. UAE is traditional in their law. You need to be careful with your dressing, no skin show off, no public show of affection, no drinking alcohol in public places are some of the offensive acts and are punishable. Public display of affection will land you in jail.

3. Protect Yourself From Sun

We all know UAE is hot country. How hot? Can only be determined when you reach there. The country is too hot to mention and it is a must for you to pack all possible skin protection from sun if you do not wish to come back home all tanned. Wear clothes that can cover your skin and remember to use hats and goggles. It is advisable to plan your trip in the months between November to March as these months are comparably cooler than the others.

4. Beautiful Beaches

UAE is not completely off without any nature wonders. The country has some of the spectacular beaches. To name a few the Jumeirah beach in Dubai, Ajman beach, Ghantoot beach in Abu Dhabi, and so many other beaches which have some of the best scenic views to experience.

5. Different Days Of Weekend

Do not make any plans for a Sunday considering it as a weekend. If any of your travel brochures says special rates on weekends, then they mean on Friday and Saturday. In UAE, as it is an Islamic country, the weekend holiday is on Friday and Saturday whereas a Sunday is a work day. So for them the work week starts on Sunday and it is Sunday blues the people feel than Monday blues.

UAE is definitely a place to visit as there are lot many things to see and experience. The country’s candle light dinners in luxurious hotels, Dhow boat cruises, beaches, malls, many other getaways make the place the most wished place to travel. Make sure to check all the events at the time of your travel as states like Abu Dhabi and Dubai has various events with grand celebrations and you can plan around those events. However do not plan at the time of Ramadan, as you are not allowed to eat in public from sunrise to sunset and there will be no much activities. Just like any other country, UAE has its own rules and law. Just know the law and follow the rules by respecting them. If you can do that your stay will be pleasant as UAE is one of the safest countries.

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